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Dating back to 1783, Val de Vie Estate is rich in history and forms part of a larger World Heritage Site. The pristine surrounding landscapes include majestic mountain ranges, expansive lakes, vineyards, olive groves, lush polo fields, farms and beautifully landscaped gardens. Modelled on French Provençal and Cape Vernacular styles, the architecture of homes, apartments and commercial office space portrays the allure of the estate’s history while offering residents world-class modern living.

The secure lifestyle at Val de Vie Estate, renowned as the safest residential estate in Africa, is maintained with state-of-the-art technology and 24-hour response teams – ensuring peace of mind for every resident.

Luxury and comfortable family living have been encapsulated in the consideration of every square metre and optimised based on views of the spectacular surroundings. Efficient planning and use of space are key aspects that have been factored into the design of the estate. Meticulous landscaping and green-belt areas, proven to improve a person’s state of mind and well-being, between homes add to the country-feel and provide a strong sense of privacy.