On a joyously wet Mandela Day, the residents of Mbekweni celebrated the twin blessings of rain and the launch of their very own Community Optometry Practice which will provide easy and affordable access to eye tests and eyeglasses.



The Val de Vie Foundation is delighted to have sponsored the launch of the very first Vision Box in South Africa. This not only helped Vision Box to realise our country’s dream of developing entrepreneurs to earn a good, sustainable income, it also seeks to eradicate the number one cause of visual impairment – that of uncorrected refractive error.



The residents of Val de Vie Estate also donated 79 pairs of frames which will help optometrist Petunia Makhubele kickstart her business with donated frames for those in the community who cannot afford to buy even the most affordable of new frames.



Just a year before, on Mandela Day 2018, The Val de Vie Foundation sponsored the opening of the first library for Langabuya Primary in Mbekweni. Learning the love of reading is a joy for many of our children, but is you cannot see properly, you cannot read. We were overjoyed to know that Liyema Sitela (Langabuya) and Sisipho Nhoho (Mboweni Primary) will now be able to read perfectly and we look forward to hearing great things about them as they make their way through their schooling.



Working together with Vision Box, we were also able to provide the gift of perfect sight to 10 residents from 4 years of age to 87 years of age, on Mandela Day.  A truly memorable and moving day was capped off by lawyer, entrepreneur and Val de Vie Estate homeowner, Katlego Ngwane, who spoke from her heart about the opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs face on their road to success. A message that touched the heart of the entire audience, including Petunia and the assembled Mbekweni Creche Principals invited by the Inceba Trust, who provided the land for Vision Box.



“Action without vision is only passing time

Vision without action is merely daydreaming

But vision with action can change the world” – Nelson Mandela



From left to right:

Petunia Makhubele (Optometrist); Ivan Schwartz (Valcare); Nielen Bekker (Inceba Trust); Katlego Ngwane ( Val de Vie Estate Resident); Werner and Natasha Fourie (Vision Box); Sisipho (Vision Box Front Office)


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